Bringing StyleShoots technology to New York City


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LIGHT 18 brings StyleShoots technology to NYC

LIGHT 18 makes it easy to produce flat lay and ghost mannequin shots by using StyleShoots technology to automate the photography process.

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Our Studio


LIGHT 18 is a StyleShoots studio located in the heart of Manhattan's garment district.
Our mission is streamline the process of photographing apparel and accessories by making StyleShoots technology available to both established brands and emerging designers. 


About StyleShoots

StyleShoots technology is currently used in-house by many major retailers in to produce product photography for their e-commerce sites, social media campaigns, and more.
By automating the photography process, StyleShoots machines allow you to easily produce flat-lay and ghost mannequin images of your collection - no photography experience required!

Fast Facts:

  • Each StyleShoots system comes equipped with a Canon 5D MKIII DSLR camera, integrated LED lights, and a dedicated iPad to easily adjust zoom, exposure, and lighting.

  • StyleShoots systems feature automatic background removal, global light balance control and live previews help speed up your post-production process.

  • Customize your images with configurable aspect ratios, dimensions, background colors, drop shadows, and more!



Studio Rentals


Do it yourself—seriously.
After a brief (10-15 minute) StyleShoots tutorial, you and your team will be in business. StyleShoots systems are known for their intuitive and user-friendly technology.

We know that at most studios, the rental price is only the beginning of your photoshoot expenses. At LIGHT 18, our turnkey set-up cuts costs dramatically by streamlining the production process.

Our rental rates include access to both of our StyleShoots machines, iMac work stations, steamers, clothing racks, a variety of mannequins, and a LIGHT 18 specialist on hand during your shoot to answer any questions you may have.


Full Service


Located outside of NYC?
Ship us your items and let us handle the rest.

We'll work to gauge your unique needs and ensure that your images are in line with your creative vision. Together, we'll create a plan that works for your brand and your budget.

Full Service projects are priced individually based on quantity, turnaround time, and retouching needs